Your Hands Can Bring Magic Relief ?>

Your Hands Can Bring Magic Relief

Have you entertained the idea that the hands and fingers are sources of natural healing? Yes, this is true in most massage therapy. The gentle strokes applied using the fingers and hands to manipulate the skin, ligaments, tendons and muscles generate a different feeling to unwind. It helps in lowering the blood pressure. It is a good aid in relaxing the muscles and likewise rejuvenates the immune system.

In every massage therapy session, the therapist is able to mobilize your blood, lymph and oxygen to several tissues and organs of the body by applying small pressure on the skin. These gentle strokes generate the luxurious feelings of relief on the body as well as on the renewal of the mind. It is believed that the human touch is the source of all these hidden benefits that has been testified to by many beneficiaries.

Below are some of the most notable health benefits derived from massage therapy. Several studies conducted indicate that the human touch in massage therapy does not only make one feel better. It could be the best alternative medicine that you might be seeking for a healthy body.

  • It relieves the body from stress and anxiety.
  • It is a good aid in relaxing the muscles.
  • It promotes better circulation of the blood and it controls a person’s blood pressure.
  • It has been proven to reduce the suffering from pain.
  • It enhances the treatment of cancer specifically on the pain aspect.
  • It improves the quality of sleep of the patient.
  • It improves the response of the immune system.

The improvement of the immune system was supported by a study conducted by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It was discovered that people who undergone Swedish massage among the 53 adults who have healthy bodies registered a decrease in cortisol with a corresponding high increase in lymphocytes. These are the cells that provide a strong immune system. The research was headed by Dr. Mark Raraport who published the study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicines.

Similarly the power of the hands has been proven to be more potent than what we realize. It has shown to be a good replacement for analgesics in relieving headaches. Patients have reported a stable and improvement on general feeling both psychological and physiological.

A thirty minute massage on specific trigger points has boosted the nervous system and has brought relief to many symptoms. It has reduced the patient’s disturbing conditions from the devastating effects of stress and anxiety.

Many individuals who are suffering from lack of body rest due to stress and tension will now find the alternative medicine to help them deal with their problem. It won’t be long that this nagging negative physical health could be taken care of by the professional massage therapist. The small gentle pressures applied on the skin have a far reaching effect underneath. It reaches even the deep muscle tissues and rejuvenates it. It soothes your inner muscles that ultimately bring that great relief.

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