Sharpen Your Brain ?>

Sharpen Your Brain

Many people would like to attain the impossible in the shortest time possible by simply gushing down a handful of pills with a subsequent swig of water. To think that it can be achieved without an overall healthy attitude to life and some long term strategy is a misguided notion as usual. Any regimen after the age of 40 should be consulted with your doctor as this the age when the level of estrogens is dropping severely, some women might be going through the onset of a menopause, or a host of otherwise undiagnosed illnesses might be in the making. Your weight and the current stamina level as well that any existing and chronic illnesses need also to be examined before attempting to start a new lifestyle. A drastic makeover is not necessary unless you are in your prime with no major or lesser ailments that could put an end to your dreams of recovering or improving health.

Spoil Yourself Rotten

If you need to introduce some cursory improvements without the need to re-establish a rigorous regimen, then take it slowly. So many people, with no background knowledge and expertise in dieting, health and exercise overuse medications sold over the counter, hit the gym repeatedly and avoid certain foods only to find themselves later exhausted, their ankles and knees overburdened from the exercise and the heart problems made more acute with reckless attempt at slimming through the gym or sauna. While most people’s aim would be to indeed lose enough weight to achieve a desirable level of fitness, you would have to look at your destiny and your parents’ bodies. You cannot obviously achieve too much with what you received with the genes and so on. The aim should be not to torture yourself, but to maintain the body in a fit shape avoiding the type of activity in fits and bursts. Making it pleasurable despite the sweating and the need to move your body in the end would be the most effectively motivating, but what you have to remember is that action precedes the motivational factor, which is to say that once you get into something for real, the motivation should arrive on its own. If you see that happening you could find joy in little doses over time without spewing the usual litany of self complaints. But the question would be what you are going to do with the healthy body, if the mind is far from being healed? Many people arrive at some point in their life to see that they are stuck at some point and despite reaching the milestones they actually lack that feeling of being satisfied and finding life meaningful.

Make Your Life Meaningful First

If the desired state of health is achieved through a satisfying level of persistence and care, now you find yourself at a loss what to do about your life. What is really missing from your life would not be necessarily that you are not strong or healthy enough. The key would be to find balance and that would need to be incorporated into that healthy routine of yours to see the maximum benefits.

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