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Mindful Living

It is quite interesting how we influence each other whether at work or at home. So called people skills do help a lot in daily contacts with the rest of the population despite differing values and life experience, although some of us would have more trouble accepting criticism, negotiating, being flexible and so on. It seems that with more training, those abilities are possible to retrain and train, but need a certain context to flourish and time. Human beings learn all the time, but when the greatest leap occurs in early childhood and the luckiest ones are those who received enough care and attention from their caretakers that would greatly benefit them in the later stages of life. Those are your strengths and capacities that you can develop to a great extent later on, but when the soil is poorly nourished and the caretakers are poorly equipped and themselves hardly masters of the complex rules govering the social world, the you are unlikely to be at ease in many human interactions. However, the capacity for learning is still there, largely intact, unless you are exposed to some poisoning or become a victim of an accident, resulting in a head injury.

Mindful Means Daily

Indeed, you could be chairing a meeting or feeding a baby or just shooting crap with other folks in a bar (that means you could be hardly interested in reading this article anyway), but what matters is to watch yourself how your hair rises when someone’s remarks hit the weak spots that you hold and your ego bristles or when you are working out and you are feeling the cold sweat trickling down the back, while watching your breath, and going on a treadmill accordingly. It is a mindful daily regimen, or it could be the walking meditation. That does not have to be a meditation of sorts, you just watch yourself and not the others, because you need to see how you think and why you think certain things in a certain way. What does it lead to in the end? You are more focused and mindful as well as more attuned to the surroundings, perhaps you will not turn into a super human machine capable of making no mistakes as you go but that would be an overstatement. Perhaps you are already living a conscious life with no need to hone your listening skills, or just looking for a job instead, in any case, focusing on developing your skills might bring you some benefits you never thought possible and helpful in any area of life.

Mindful living is a life on a day to day basis and that should help conserve the energy you could use for other purposes instead of ruminating over life’s uncertainties and such. However, that does not have to be a purpose all in itself as a deeply meaningful life could already be a challenge for many who are lamenting their current state of affairs. Perhaps that would be a starting point in your life once you see that your inner demons and struggles are not worth a damn.

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