False Ideas about Diet ?>

False Ideas about Diet

There are so many false ideas going around about diet and nutrition today. It seems that every guy who had some nutritional theories is out publishing it. The problem with those ideas is it can cause more harm than good.

It helps to know about these false beliefs so you can stay away from them:

You Shouldn’t Eat After Eight

Some people believe that one shouldn’t eat after 8 PM because the food eaten after that time would just sit in the body. They say that the food eaten during daytime when we are active gets burned and consumed but food eaten at night would just be converted into fat.

The truth is that calories don’t tell the time. If you eat too much it wouldn’t really matter when you actually consumed it. The excess calorie would be turned into fat.

You Can Change Your Metabolism with the Way You Eat

Some people believe that certain foods can change the metabolism of the body. They believe that it can be accelerated which would help in weight loss. While there are some indications that some food can have this effect such as caffeine, the actual effect is negligible. Another belief is that the eating of small and frequent meals can also change metabolism.

The reality is that metabolism is not affected by the way that you eat. The only effective way of influencing it is by bulking up on muscles. More muscles the higher the metabolism.

Pasta Can Contribute in Weight Gain

Some people believe that eating pasta or any other food that is rich in carbs can cause you to lose weight. That’s why there are low carb diets that are in vogue right now. While it is true in some ways, singling out pasta can lead others to load up on other types of food. The truth is that any kind of food can make you fat as long as you eat too much of it.

Coffee Makes You Lose Weight

There are many benefits attributed to coffee or caffeine which is its most important content. One of those is the claim that it can help you to lose weight. There are two ways that coffee can supposedly help in losing weight. The first idea is that coffee can make you lose your appetite and the second is that it can increase your metabolism.

Caffeine can increase your metabolism but only to a small degree. In regards with its effect on your appetite, while it can lower it, the long term effect is not that much and it has other effects that are not so positive.

You Must Cut Your Calorie Consumption Dramatically to Lose Weight

A lot of people believe that cutting down on the amount of calories that they consume dramatically is the way to go to lose weight. That means cutting down on the amount that you eat by a great deal. But that idea is simply false and it could lead to more problems in the long run.

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