Do You Know How Touch for Health Therapy Began ?>

Do You Know How Touch for Health Therapy Began

Through the years, man has developed and designed all sorts of therapeutic methods and techniques that are both beneficial to the human body and mind. These are known as massage therapies that are comprised of about 160 different massage styles and techniques developed for various conditions.

Among these is the Touch for Health massage therapy which is popular due to its simplicity and easy-to-learn concept. The therapy uses guidelines that are easy to follow and practice by almost everyone. Basically, it was meant to be the type of therapy to have systematized techniques of kinesiology that can be learned and used by the average individual for the purpose of treating certain medical conditions including common ailments. Touch for Health uses effective techniques in bringing back strength to weak muscles as well as providing treatment for a variety of diseases. It helps in the treatment of TMJ, sciatica, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions that are treated with kinesiology.

Touch for Health has an interesting history into it with the two chiropractor working together for the purpose of creating a wonderful masterpiece in therapeutic massage. Dr. George Goodheart was a chiropractor fascinated and training in muscle testing at the time the idea of the therapy was created. Dr. Goodheart did some experiments on the muscles by conducting massage strokes and various combined techniques on the healthy muscles that are connected to the weaker muscles. Later on, he found out that his work with the stronger muscles provided benefits and great effects on the weaker muscles. This created the idea that muscles are connected with each other which means that it is not necessary for the therapist to perform treatment with massage therapy on the affected area, rather it is much better to conduct manipulation on the conditioned muscle area.

Later on in his career, Dr. Goodheart teamed up with fellow chiropractor John Thie who was also into the idea of kinesiology. The two chiropractors began working on the idea of providing a better therapeutic massage technique that doesn’t require the practitioner to be well educated in order to properly and correctly perform it on the client. Eventually, Touch for Health was created and was successfully introduced and accepted by the public.

Today, we enjoy the benefits and effects of Touch for Health in our lives due to the hard work and perseverance of Dr. George Goodheart and John Thie. Now we can enjoy massage therapies without the need for studying hard to understand massage therapies.

If you are interested in learning Touch for Health therapy, the best place to start your learning is to find out more about the therapy. You can get tons of valuable information through the internet, books, and health magazines. You can also search the internet for institutions and universities that offer basic courses on this type of therapy. Local massage spas and parlors, health centers, and clinics are also great venues to start your hunt for individuals or schools that can offer you lessons on this simple yet wonderful type of therapeutic massage.

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