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A Cracked Life Code ?>

A Cracked Life Code

Unlock your potential, sharpen your brain, strive for greatness, release your inner genius, evolve your awareness, these are just some of the slogans used in the market on the cover and in the blurbs of the books that promise you some tools for the mind control that would allow you to reach beyond yourself. Also that pressurizes many of those young and older people alike to strive for more than necessary in more than one area life according to the…

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Mindful Living ?>

Mindful Living

It is quite interesting how we influence each other whether at work or at home. So called people skills do help a lot in daily contacts with the rest of the population despite differing values and life experience, although some of us would have more trouble accepting criticism, negotiating, being flexible and so on. It seems that with more training, those abilities are possible to retrain and train, but need a certain context to flourish and time. Human beings learn…

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Sharpen Your Brain ?>

Sharpen Your Brain

Many people would like to attain the impossible in the shortest time possible by simply gushing down a handful of pills with a subsequent swig of water. To think that it can be achieved without an overall healthy attitude to life and some long term strategy is a misguided notion as usual. Any regimen after the age of 40 should be consulted with your doctor as this the age when the level of estrogens is dropping severely, some women might…

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