An Overview of the new The Walking Dead television Series ?>

An Overview of the new The Walking Dead television Series

Over the past few years, the theme of zombies and apocalyptic events has become extremely popular in todayís media. There are a lot of different story lines as to what starts or creates these events, but there is always one thing for certain. Once you are bitten, there is no cure or hope of not becoming a zombie. In this article, I am going to lead you through the three seasons of the popular television series the Walking Dead.

Season 1 of The Walking Dead

The show opens up with the main character Rick getting shot in the line of duty before the apocalyptic event happens. Waking up in the hospital, rick finds he is completely alone. Going home, he finds his family is gone. Being found by a man and his son, Rick learns about the dead walking. Rick then sets out towards the city to try and find his wife and son. However, once he reaches the city, he is ambushed and trapped in a military tank by a large heard of walkers.

This is where Rick meets up with a group of survivors and makes it out of the city. Once back at their camp, Rick finds both his wife and son are alive and safe. This is the start of a huge love triangle between Rick, his wife, Lorie, and his partner and best friend, Shane. Having through that Rich had died in the hospital before the even happened, the two had begun having an affair with each other. Choosing to stay with Rick, Shane starts to feel cheated, which causes tension!

After the camp is attack by walkers, Rick decides to lead the group to the CDC in Atlanta. Once there, they meet a doctor and scientist at the CDC who tells Rick everyone is infected. Regardless if you are bitten or not, once you die for any reason, you wake up as a walker. The season ends with them leaving the CDC in search of another safe haven where they can hopefully live peacefully.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead

In this season, there are a few different major aspects that happen to the group. At the beginning, the young girl Sophia is lost and Rickís son, Carl gets shot in the woods while looking for her. Taken back to a farm of a local farm owner and veterinarian, the group finds a new safe place to settle down and live while looking for Sophia. As Carl recovers from his gunshot, Lorie finds out that she is pregnant, and she doesnít know if Rick or Shane is the father of the new baby.

After being on the farm for a while, Rick and his group finds out that Hershel, the owner of the farm has a different view on the walkers than they do. Hershel believes that the walkers are just sick and that one day, they will be cured. A big ruckus happens because Shane opens the bar to find Sophia was put in the barn because she had become a walker. Realizing that he was wrong, Hershel takes off to town where they are attack by some guys and have to bring one back to the house with them. Fixing him up it becomes a debate if they should keep him or kill him.

In the end of the season, Shane actually attempts to kill Rick, and he is forced to kill Shane in turn which attracts a large herd of undead to the farm forcing everyone to flee. Meeting up again, the group sets out once more in search of a place, this time with Lorie being pregnant and the worry of her giving birth plaguing everyoneís mind.

Season 3 of the Walking Dead

Although Season 3 has already been released, I am going to let you watch and see what happens in this season on your own, but I can tell you, it is definitely worth the time to watch! I hope you enjoyed my review of this series, and trust me, there will be more to come!

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