A Cracked Life Code ?>

A Cracked Life Code

Unlock your potential, sharpen your brain, strive for greatness, release your inner genius, evolve your awareness, these are just some of the slogans used in the market on the cover and in the blurbs of the books that promise you some tools for the mind control that would allow you to reach beyond yourself. Also that pressurizes many of those young and older people alike to strive for more than necessary in more than one area life according to the rule, better, faster, more intensely, which brings to mind Radiohead’s song. OK, so you are leading a perfectly rounded lifestyle, with all those perfect pearly teeth and all the latest gadgets, and a perfect house, but what is really missing from that picture is the grit adn grim reality.

Hear My Voice in the Dark

Now I am wondering if we are all sleeping do those who are suffering also asleep? Suffering wakes up to the reality and numbing it with perfection and perfect body somehow does not cut it. Does having kids make you suffer less or they are born into this world waiting to be fed the same stuff you have been fed all your life to match the growing standards of the society of those who suceeded at succeeding? Would that mean that you are being oppressed by yourself striving to get a better personality, a better brain and more wisdom as you grow older? What the heck does all that mean? If you have had your final laugh, your final swig of wine and said you final goodbye, would that mean you have had it all? Lived a good life? Was more than a semblance of a good life? Now if you could be raised among robots, would you learn to be as robotic as them? If there was a hole in place of your heart, would it be possible to fill it up with something lasting a whole of your life apart from food, pleasures and a job? Instead of focusing on sharpening your mind capabilities or sacrificing yourself to the greater good, just take the time to listen to yourself and have a look at that well fed face and a nourished body that keep holding you alive. I am calling upon you to see the light, see the suffering, release the tensions that are holding you back from a real life, from a life that has enough potential to make you weep for joy for hours. Would that mean you would tell everyone in their face the truth and the only truth with your hand on the Bible? What does it all mean? Most people would choose having a family as their aim and religion not to lose focus and find support but the former could always bring you down as they choose their own way and the latter means you would have to shoulder those uncomfortable truths that the we are flooded by day by day. Where to find the meaning then? Cracking the life’s code cannot mean that only those who save or give a life can be those who truly understand life’s purpose. Do the sufferers know that? Probably those who have lost a great deal appreciate life more than you, piggy on antibiotics, but you would not abandon your cage. Ever, don’t you?

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